Useful Tips

Personal Care:
To make your visit to the Fauna Reserve comfortable, it is important to consider the following suggestions for personal care

- Beware of the sun. Although temperatures are low, we recommend wearing a sun hat and putting on sun cream on a clear day .

- The climate of Patagonia is very dry. Apply moisturizer for skin and lips .

- Wear proper footwear. The roads are rough and without proper footwear or shoes for trekking you may suffer sprains or feel uncomfortable in long walks .

- On cold days we recommend you dress taking into account as follows:
1. Skin: A piece of cotton in direct contact with the skin .
2. Sunstroke: insulation, wool or fiber clothes for cold weather.
3.Weather protection: a waterproof , windbreaker jacket to protect yourself from the weather, which can be useful according to the prevailing weather.

Listen to a relilable weather forecast before going on a trip.

Children in the nature reserve:
The visit to the Fauna Reserve is an unforgettable experience and, for young children, it will be a moment kept with their most deep memories.

Follow the suggestions as follow for safety :
- Never leave your children alone.
- Tell them about the characteristics of the visit and the respect for nature and the species.
- Do not let them to be far from the allowed paths.
- Protect them from the weather.
- Teach them to respect the instructions of the rangers.