The Foundation got its name from the site Dos Pozos; this is located on km number 234 of provincial route number 1.
This name has its origins in a patagonic historical event when looking for water, since the arid landscape makes the water essential for the survival.
In the first excavation, which was carried out in the region, no water was found. The perseverance of the settlers took them to carry out a second excavation in the area; finally fresh water was found which represents the largest reserve in the area. That´s why this site is called “Dos Pozos”
The old Post Office of Dos Pozos was built in the year 1889. It was opened in 1900 for the expansion of the postal service in the patagonic area.
The president Julio Argentino Roca started this ambituous plan when he was in his Second Campaign to the Desert, at the end of the nineteenth century. It was part of the promises made to patagonic settlers; this project guaranteed the communication with the rest of the country through the telegraphic wires, even when the installation had an endless list of difficulties, such as the geography of the land, desolation, lack of settlers and resources.

The opening of the Old Post Office of Dos Pozos represents a landmark in the history of the development of the area, because of the map of the national post office.
For the rural settlers of the neighbour ranches, including the ranch “la Antonieta”, it was a link with the capital city through the existing broadcasting, as well as a place of meeting and social life.
People waited for the news from their family bonds that were far away, news that could be sent through this new and valuable media.
Later, the region made a profit on tourism, when the area of Punta Tombo was declared Provincial Fauna Reserve, located in Dos Pozos.

The Foundation of Dos Pozos created in the year 2008, is aimed at recovering, restoring and opening of the old Post Office of Dos Pozos, as museum and testimony to historic, social and cultural development of the area. The old post office is situated on lands of the ranch La Antonieta. Its owner, Mrs Graciela Morelli promised to cede 10 has. which borders the old post office, where the foundation will have its offical headquarter, what is more, the steps to declare it a cultural heritage have been started. Morelli ´s family, owner of the ranch La Antonieta by many generations, excells at being a forerunner of the protection of the enviroment, flora and fauna of the area. Since January 2010, the foundation offers the visitors to go walking in the area to know the history of the region. The volunteers are bilingual and it is offered a brochure with information.

Contribution: AR$ 10.-